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What are Keurig Brewers and K-Cups?

K-cups are the exclusive type of pods used with Keurig coffee makers, and only work with this one type of brewer. These machines are unique, and they brew one cup at a time using these small plastic containers with coffee grounds in them. Each pod makes one cup of coffee, and it only takes a few seconds for the whole brew cycle. It manages to make coffee so quickly by using some pressure behind the water, rather than just allowing hot water to slowly drip (like the typical drip coffee maker does). That makes it similar to an espresso machine, but the pressure is lower than that.

These machines only take K-cups, so you are limited to using them with the Keurig. As the machine becomes more popular, there are more and more options for buying K-cups. It's really not that limiting when you consider how many varieties are on the market. You can get K-cups in mild, medium or bold roasts, decaf or in a whole range of flavored options. Many regional types of coffee are also in pod-form, like Kona, Colombian or Sumatran. Keurig coffee makers are not limited to just coffee either. There is a whole range of tea K-cups and even some for making hot chocolate.

Did you know you can save money with 50-count K-cups? By buying larger boxes of K-cups, you can save money on your usual coffee purchases and it also means you don't have to shop for k-cups as often. K-cups have long shelf lives, so it's not likely that a larger quantity will expire or become stale before you get to use them. They can sit for several months without any loss of flavor or aroma. And if you enjoy your coffee enough to have a Keurig coffee maker in the first place, there should be no problem using up 50 K-cups in a reasonable amount of time. It will probably last about a month or less.

Most of the coffee companies that make K-cups have them available in these larger box sizes, so you should be able to find your favorite K-cups without too much difficulty. You may find that not all stores carry the large boxes, but many online sellers do. Some of the popular brands of K-cups are packaged by the 50-count, such as: Timothy's, Gloria Jean's, Diedrich, Coffee People and Emeril's. In some cases, a 50-count box is actually sold as 2 smaller boxes together but with the larger discount you get with quantity.

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