Choosing a Keurig Brewer Model | What Keurig to choose

Choosing a Keurig brewer model is the final step in owning one of the best single serve coffee makers on the market. Options include various water reservoir sizes and brewing sizes along with programmable options like temperature and automatic on and off times. Choosing a Keurig brewer model is most likely the hardest decision once the Keurig brand has been decided as the choice for a single-serve coffee maker. What might be the best keurig model for one may not be the best keurig model for the other.

Many people have moved to single-serve coffee makers for the convenience factor. There is no wasted coffee to pour down the drain and the coffee is always fresh and piping hot when served. However, there are many different Keurig models and choosing one is easier if the differences are understood. The following descriptions should be helpful when choosing the best Keurig model for yourself or your office. The best keurig models feature auto off and use the K-Cup coffee unit. Mini Plus is a personal brewer that is ideal for dorms, apartments and travelling. It brews a cup of coffee in under two minutes. It holds only enough water for one cup of coffee and also features cord storage to keep the cord out of the way when stored.

The Elite automatic model is a home brewer that holds six cups of water and features an eight and ten ounce cup brew setting. It brews coffee in under a minute and features Quiet Brew technology and a 48 oz. water reservoir. The Office Pro model is always ready to brew and makes a cup of coffee in less than one minute. It has a 48 oz. drainable water reservoir and drainable hot water tank with three brewing sizes: six, eight and ten ounces. The Special Edition programmable Keurig brewer model is the same as the Office Pro model with the addition of Quiet Brew technology, automatic on and off, an adjustable temperature program and digital clock. The Select fully programmable model feature four brew sizes, four, six, eight and ten ounces with a 60 oz. water reservoir. This model can be set to a favorite brew size rather than having to select one each time. It also includes a digital clock, automatic on and off and Quiet Brew technology.


The Platinum fully programmable model adds one more brew size to the Select model, a twelve ounce brew for a larger cup of coffee. Cuisinart had a model that should be considered when choosing a Keurig model. It combines all of the features of the Platinum model with an 80 oz. water reservoir and adds a hot water option and a rinse option. The Cuisinart model also features a water filter and My K-Cup for using fresh coffee grounds instead of K-Cups. There are also office versions of the Keurig which are designed for longer use and more output than home use machines. Offices which want to charge for coffee can also choose vending versions of the Keurig. Choosing the best Keurig model is the last step in having the perfect single-serve coffee brewer. As shown here, all of the models use the K-Cups and have an automatic power off feature. The only decision after that is how many more features are wanted, such as various brew sizes and the size of the water reservoir. The best part is that no matter what decision is made, the Keurig is a good decision.

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