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Filter Packs


    Filter Packs and Portion Packs

    Coffee drinkers are constantly looking for new and better ways to make their coffee. While it is a known fact that fresh coffee beans ground prior to brewing makes the best coffee, there is simply not always enough time to go through the process. This is where coffee filter packs and portion packs come in to play. These portion packs and filter packs save time, help to brew a pot of coffee that contains the exact same amount of coffee as before and they are eco friendly.

    Coffee filter packs differ from coffee portion packs in that the coffee is pre-measured and enclosed in a coffee filter that resembles a large disk. These disks are similar in nature to the coffee pods that are used in single-cup coffee brewers only they are bigger. Coffee filter packs are available in sizes that are made for the typical ten to twelve cup automatic drip coffee maker and they are also available in hotel sizes which fit two to four cup coffee makers.  Just as coffee portion packs are available from a wide variety of top brand name coffee manufacturers, so are coffee filter packs.

    Coffee portion packs are individual pre-measured packages of coffee that are designed to use the full amount of the pack to brew a 10-12 cup pot of coffee. You will need to use your own filter system, but there is no need to measure the coffee grounds. The great thing about portion packs is that you get the same tasting brew of coffee with every pack, since it is pre-measured, as long as the amount of water added does not change. offers you both filter packs and portion packs from several manufacturers. We also have these coffee pack choices in decaf. You'll get the same rich, great taste of your favorite cup of coffee without the caffeine!