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Herbal Tea products are contracted with only the finest tea growers, so we stock and deliver world-class products, each and every time we ship an order. We offer Miss Ellie's signature brand, a line of specialty teas, as well as Miss Ellie's Coffee Cake, an unbelievably moist cinnamon coffee cake perfect to pair with your afternoon cup of tea. Herbal Tea knows that holidays, birthdays, or just to say that you are thinking about someone are great reasons to give tea. Selecting a gift that is meaningful and personalized can be challenging and stressful. A gift of gourmet tea is great to encourage people to take time for themselves.

Herbal Tea has plenty of styles and flavors of tea and ready to be purchased online and can be found in almost every single theme imaginable. Chocolate lovers, wine lovers, and coffee lovers. Now that tea drinking is becoming fashionable again, there are teas that we stock that are considered to be gourmet teas and not the tea that can be easily found at the grocery store. Because loose tea is the gold standard for tea preparation, Herbal Tea most commonly features loose leaf tea. We have the supplies for brewing loose leaf tea, so don't concern yourself if you want to try something new. If someone is an avid tea drinker, this will not likely be a problem as he or she will know how to brew loose tea.  However, for a casual tea drinker, this may prove to be a challenge.  So know the person you are shopping for, or make sure that the gift you select has a tea strainer and instructions on how to use the tea.

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