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K-Pods.com is the supermarket for K-Cups, Pods and accessories.   We inventory one of the largest selections of Pod Makers, K-Cups and Coffee Pods.  Coffee pods have been used for more than 50 years. Espresso pods were first used in automatic vending machines. It was assumed that the most likely candidate for using an espresso coffee pod would be office coffee services and convenience stores.  We are now seeing K-Cup Pods and Coffee Pods used in doctors' offices, hair salons and spas, lawyer' offices and manufacturing plants. Wherever people want fresh coffee without making a full pot, the K-Pod is the perfect answer.  K-Pods do not have the brand recognition as a K-Cup or an I-Pod but it will be a strong factor in the next decade for making a smooth cup of your favorite coffee.  K-Pods on the run!  Now you can make your own K-Cups and Pods.

K-Pods also has the Keurig brewing system that offers gourmet coffee drinkers a top quality, cup of coffee.  The Keurig brewer makes one of the finest cups of coffee in under a minute and takes away all the guesswork from brewing a consistently great cup of coffee.

The Keurig is no question leading this coffee race.  You will find Keurig in Macys, Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart. Check the pack size to see what is most appropriate for your coffee use.  K-Pods has K-Cups packaged 22 to 50 K-Cups per box.

In addition to K-Pods, some of the online stores include www.Coffee.org, CoffeeForLess.com, CoffeeIcon.com, Aromacup.com, GreenMountainCoffee.com, CoffeeSupplies.net, CoffeeCow.com, CoffeeGiant.com, Shoffees.com, MissElliesCoffee.com, Keurig.com, Amazon.com, OfficeDepot.com, Kohls.com, SamsClub.com and more.

How does TASSIMO make café style beverages so good you will swear they came from your local barista? The Secret is in the T DISC. Every T DISC contains a unique barcode that instantly tells the TASSIMO system precisely how to prepare your hot beverages.

TASSIMO lets you enjoy a cup of exactly what you want, right now. Simply insert your choice of T DISC, select the right cup for your drink and press the button. In about a minute you'll savor an exquisite cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You can brew your next delicious cup right away, knowing it will be as fresh and delightful as the one

People who enjoy gourmet coffee are quickly realizing that Keurig single-cup is the way to make coffee. It's easy because Keurig single-cup brewing takes all the guesswork out of making a great cup of coffee. Each individually sealed K-Cup® portion pack coffee contains the perfect amount of coffee ensuring the perfect amount of ground coffee to satisfy every taste profile. This superior K-Cup technology offers the perfect cup of coffee without the mess of grinding coffee beans and loading grounds into coffee filters. The Keurig brewing system also offers a coffee house quality cup of coffee for just a fraction of the cost of a coffee house and with the convenience of brewing instantly in your own kitchen or office.

K-Pods.com offers over 70 K-Cup varieties and multiple brewers including Keurig, Bunn and Cuisinart and the perfect pod maker.   These choices give you the flexibility to find your perfect cup of coffee and save money by making your own K-Cup or Coffee Pod, calling it a K-Pod.
K-Pods has many brands of K-Cups including: Bigelow, Coffee People, Gloria Jeans, Timothy', Donut Shop, Diedrich, and Emerils.

TASSIMO is not just another coffee maker. It's a whole new way to prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks perfectly, in the comfort of your own home. And it's so simple.

With the TASSIMO system and the TASSIMO Discs (T DISCs) you can make the hot drink you want, when you want it. No fuss. No bother. It's truly amazing. The same system that makes a real espresso and freshly brewed filter coffee from some of your favorite U.S. and European brands, also makes real milk-based latte & cappuccino, cafe crema, tea, hot chocolate – something for everyone. Each cup is freshly brewed to celebrate its true character and gives you the taste you love, every time.

TASSIMO is the only home brewing system that makes all of these incredible tasting beverages. Fantastic morning coffees during the morning and creamy real milk cappuccinos at night. Hot Chocolate or Tea lover?   No problem with TASSIMO.}

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