Keurig Accessories

Keurig accessories range from a variety of K-cup holders to milk frothers and descaling tools. These accessories complement the Keurig coffee set up in any kitchen or office and are ideal gifts for the Keurig owner. Keurig accessories are not a necessity when owning a Keurig model coffee brewer but they are nice to have and complement the coffee maker. The Keurig brand of single serve coffee makers is one of the top models on the market with many different models to choose from along with different accessories to enhance the Keurig coffee area.


One of the most popular Keurig accessories is the K-cup tree or carousel. The K-cup is the coffee or tea unit that contains the coffee or hot beverage that is being brewed. These cups need a storage area and although they can be stored in a basket or drawer, this arrangement is not aesthetically pleasing and make it hard to choose a K-cup without sorting through an unorganized pile. However, the K-cup tree is designed to hold the K-cups in individual slots that allow coffee drinkers to spin the tree and choose the beverage they want to drink. There is a smaller version called the carousel and a larger version known as the tree. The tree holds up to 35 K-cups while the carousel holds 27 and the mini-carousel hold 18. Along the same lines as the carousel and tree is the Keurig K-cup tower. This tower rotates on a lazy Susan type base on holds 30 K-cups.

The My K-Cup is a Keurig accessory that is a must for coffee lovers who like to grind their own coffee beans. This gadget allows any coffee to be used in the Keurig brewer using an adapter that works like a K-cup. The user simply places their own coffee into the special coffee filter, inserts it into the special adapter and brews their very own coffee without the having to use K-Cups that are preloaded with coffee. This makes an ideal gift for owners of Keurig machines. Additional coffee filters for the My K-Cup are also available. Keurig accessories also include Keurig-sized plastic travel mugs that fit under the Keurig brewer and the go out the door with an easy to drink from slider top. These mugs are compatible with all models of the Keurig single serve brewer.

A must have accessory for any Keurig owner is the Dezcal Descaling Cleaner. This cleans the interior of the coffee brewer and removes any built up mineral deposits from water. The Keurig machine display alerts owners to the need to descale. It is recommended to be done every six months to prolong the life of the machine. Keurig owners who like cappuccinos and lattes will appreciate the Keurig milk frother. This Keurig accessory heats milk and froths it in less than 90 seconds. It is a cordless frothing pitcher that creates perfectly steamed milk to add to the freshly brewed coffee. This frother when used in conjunction with a Keurig allows a latte or cappuccino to be made in less than 5 minutes.

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