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Maxwell House Coffee Maxwell House Coffee and go hand in hand. delivers Maxwell Ground Coffee, Maxwell 4 Cup Coffee, Maxwell House 12 Cup coffee packs and Decaf Maxwell House coffee. "Good to the last drop" is one of the most recognized slogans for any commercial product. Maxwell House Coffee, the coffee the slogan is referring to was served to Theodore Roosevelt who proclaimed that the coffee was "good to the last drop".

Years later when the coffee blend, known then as the coffee blend served in the Maxwell House hotel in Nashville, was sold to General Foods, they use Mr. Roosevelt's words as their slogan and it became recognizable for the coffee across the ages. Maxwell House coffee has been through a series of hand changes and distributor changes but has remained loyal to the coffee blend that was started in 1892. The Maxwell House hotel in Nashville was the home of the blend that was developed by Joel Cheek. The coffee was so popular in the hotel that no other brand or blend of coffee was allowed to be served and so the coffee became known as Maxwell House. Mr. Cheek and a partner, Mr. John Neal, formed a coffee manufacturing company in order to offer the coffee to people who were not staying at the hotel. They named this first company the Nashville Coffee and Manufacturing Company and later changed it to the Chuck-Neal Company. The Chuck Neal Company sold its assets to the Postum Company who changed its name to the Maxwell House Products Company. In later years this company would become General Foods.

Despite the many name changes, Maxwell House coffee remains good to the last drop and is easily recognizable by millions of people around the world. Maxwell House coffee has a long line of historical events in its background. When General Foods Corporation began making improvements in food packaging they introduced vacuum packing which was first used to package Maxwell House coffee in 1931. General Foods also introduced the first instant version of Maxwell House coffee which was included in the 1942 armed forces coffee provision. While the original blend of Maxwell House coffee remained largely untouched for many years, in 1950 General Foods made a bold move and introduced a new version of Maxwell House coffee to the public. This new blend contained what they termed flavor buds which were supposed to improve the taste of the coffee.

Maxwell House coffee had to keep up with emerging technology which included the automatic drip coffee makers. In the early 1970's General Foods created the first ever coffee specifically formulated by roast and grind for use in the automatic drip coffee makers which were quickly replacing the percolators. Time and technology stand still for no one, not even specially blended coffees like Maxwell House and in 1990 when it celebrated its 100th anniversary the company launched two coffees, its 1892 blend and a liter blend that was not totally decaffeinated, in fact it is Lite 50% Caffeine. The invention of single cup coffee brewers and other specialty machines did not slow down the popularity of Maxwell House coffee. In 2004 the company presented the public with its Cafe Collections of coffee pods made from the premium Arabica beans that are prized for their gourmet taste. Maxwell House coffee continues to prove that it is good to the last drop. By keeping up with technology and changes over time, the company has shown it isn't anywhere near the bottom of the pot or the last drop. will deliver your Maxwell House coffee the next day. Free Shipping is available at