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Test Your Tea Palate
  • White Tea
    • Barely processed or oxidized
    • Retains delicate, silky qualities of young tea buds
    • Low caffeine content
  • Green Tea
    • Low oxidation due to heating of leaves after plucking
    • Keeps green color and antioxidants
    • Subtle effects of relaxing and refreshing taste
    • Low caffeine content
  • Oolong Tea
    • Semi-oxidized, more so than green but less so than black teas
    • Full body flavor of black tea with the bright notes of green
    • Mid level caffeine content
    • Versatile and blends well
  • Black Tea
    • Fully oxidized with most caffeine
    • Crushed leaves release flavors and antioxidants
    • Vary by region grown and grade of leaves
    • Often flavored, scented, or blended in wide variety
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