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  • High Quality Beans.
  • Health Benefits.
  • The Strongest and Smoothest.
  • Freshly roasted!

  • What is Brazilian Coffee?
    • Brazilian RealCups reflect the excellence of the advances in coffee farming in Brazil. It's safe to say that a country that supplies a third of the world's coffee must be doing something right! Brown Gold 100% Brazilian Coffee is our darkest roast coffee.
  • What does it offer?
    • Our Brazilian RealCups deliver a wonderfully robust, intense coffee flavor that finishes with bittersweet undertones and a mildly complex body. 100% single origin Brazilian coffee and 0% compromise. Brown Gold 100% Brazilian RealCups coffee come in convenient single-serve coffee capsules that are completely compatible for use with Keurig K-Cup Coffee Makers (Excluding The Vue).
  • What's the difference?
    • Brazil Coffee Beans Wholesale Warehouse roasts each bag of Brazilian coffee to order so it will be shipped fresh every time. We have contracted with growers and roasters to ensure an authentic coffee product every time. Your coffee will not be roasted until you place the order. In Brazil, fruit is removed from the bean using several different processing and extraction methods, and it is not uncommon for all four methods to be used on the same farm during harvest.
  • Can I buy it here?
    • We have a complete line of coffees from Folgers, Maxwell House, Superior and more. We also have all of the supplies you could ever need, along with the leading brands of coffee machines and commercial coffee makers. Bunn, Grindmaster, Cuisinart, and Keurig are all found right here at Brazil Coffee. Thanks for visiting. Feel free to give us a call and speak with a customer service partner at 1-877-423-8327.
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