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  • Miss Ellie's Donut Shop Miss Ellie's Donut Shop Cups $8.99
  • Miss Ellie's Coffee Pods | Sumatra Miss Ellie's Coffee Pods | Sumatra $8.68
  • B.W. Coopers Tea | 10 +1 Concentrate | Classic Unsweetened B.W. Coopers Tea | 10 +1 Concentrate | Classic Unsweetened $14.21
  • Miss Ellie's European Blend Miss Ellie's European Blend Hotel Single Cup Pods $66.67
  • B.W. Coopers Tea | 10 +1 Concentrate | Classic Sweet B.W. Coopers Tea | 10 +1 Concentrate | Classic Sweet $18.42
  • Miss Ellie's Dark Roast Miss Ellie's Dark Roast Cups $8.99
  • Miss Ellie's Real Cups | Breakfast Blend Miss Ellie's Breakfast Blend Cups $8.99

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Coffee Cup is your premier source for paper, plastic, foam, and insulated cups in many different sizes.  We carry every possible cup you could need in stock.  We are proud to service offices, restaurants, church groups, sporting events, gatherings and congregations of all kinds.  Most importantly, we service the business community with office coffee service and coffee supplies.

Disposable paper cups are made from paper and often lined with wax or plastic to prevent liquid from leaking or soaking through the paper.  Though not always great for the environment, large strides are being made everyday to keep the foam cup from being so harmful.  Because of this, paper cups are popular because they are often made of recycled paper and are widely used around the world.  Paper cups are used for everyday life.  Just make sure you buy a sleeve for that hot coffee!

Coffee-Cup.net understands that insulated and foam hot cups have made a huge showing on the market, especially with the rise in popularity of gourmet coffee houses and coffee culture in general.  Dixie is a leader in insulated cups, and you can get premium Dixie Cups right here are wholesale rates.  We have cups that can hold hot beverages like coffee and tea, and they require no sleeve to keep your hand from getting burned.  We also have dome lids to match these great Dixie brands.

Foam cups and Styrofoam cups are used widely in sporting events, restaurants, office buildings, and many church functions.  They are very easy to get and quite affordable, and can even be used multiple times before discarding.  We have foam cups from the industry leaders like Dart and Win Cup.  And of course, we have all of the lids and other supplies that you would need.  Give us a call and ask about our custom engraving for cups.  1-877-423-8327