50% of the profits go back to the Nation!

50% of Sacred Grounds Profits go for Native American Education. – Sacred Grounds was launched with a mission to support help our children at a time of great need. We have been developing a unique fundraising program to help our Native children. This is an easy, cost-effective way to raise funds for education, scholarships and promote our young entrepreneurs.

Native American Owners - We are a Native American company helping Native American entrepreneurs have the opportunity to own an exclusive franchise serving fresh organic fair trade fresh roasted coffee. The Sacred Grounds strategy for success is for you to own a Third "Wave Sacred Grounds Coffee™ Shop™. At the same time a way for the Nation to generate significant revenues for it education programs.

Native American Jobs - Partnering with Sacred Grounds will help our effort to provide jobs for emerging Native American entrepreneurs, say's Bill McClure, CEO, Coffee USA.com. Our ultimate goal is give them a chance with success and to create hundreds of jobs in our communities.

A Healthy Alternative from Smoke Shops to Coffee Shops - Join the healthy Coffee Revolution! Sacred Grounds is a way to provide a convenient, hassle-free way for consumers to get coffee drinks and caffeine when they want it.

We are a Native American Coffee Company with a direct to business and consumer model, having shipped more than 90 million cups of coffee with a common sense approach and commitment to roast-to-order coffee.

This Investment Opportunity is for Native American Tribes who have the synergy to purchase coffee from the company at the same time earning 50% of our profits for their nation and its citizens.

The Franchise When you decide to partner with Sacred Grounds, you are buying not only a brand, but the formula, equipment and systems that help your coffee shops succeed.

The Spirit of Third Wave Coffee – is because the movement considers itself being to Starbucks what Starbucks was to Folger's twenty five years ago. Companies like Sacred Grounds Coffee, Miss Ellie's, All Day Gourmet, Stumptown, Craft Coffee, Black Rifle Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee are changing the way the Millennial’s and coffee lovers drink coffee.

The Market - The Specialty Coffee Coffee shop market has grown from 1,900 shops in 1990 to over 34,000 today. It is like the old diner or cafe, a place for people to gather, to here what is going on and catch up on the daily news. You may see a small Sacred Grounds open in small town across your nation.

A quick History lesson on Third Wave. – Back in the 1960s, coffee consumption began to grow exponentially in a red can or a blue can in every household. For the first time, coffee became widely accessible. This marked the first wave of coffee.

The second wave came with an increase in the quality of coffee readily available at Starbucks. They started serving milk and espresso drinks and running coffee shops as profitable businesses. Starbucks Coffee became a luxury product rather a necessity.

The Third Wave of Coffee – The coffee industry has revolutionized again over the past 5 years. The movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal food, like chocolate or fine wine, rather than a commodity.

Sacred Grounds is like a grass fire blowing in the wind. What is the difference in a good idea, one that you say, wish I though of that and this idea? Tenacity, Management and Execution. We are going viral across Native American, reaching the tipping point.

McClure made everyone in the organization learn about viral marketing by reading "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell suggested that ideas spread like viruses and brand marketing does the same thing.

The Brand "Sacred Ground Coffee" was conceived by Bill and his wife Jammie at the National American Indian Congress in 2014. The hot topic was about jobs creation and the benefit it can bring to your nation and region at whole. A coffee shop can create good paying jobs. Stable job, healthy jobs. So we tested the acceptance the National Reservation Summit in Las Vegas, serving over 50 gallon in two day. A bunch of heavy coffee drinking Indians.

We began working a proto type coffee shop in Fort Smith, the product line, packaging and point of purchase material. The first Sacred Grounds opened in November 2015., we franchised it and the place is packed today.

4 Brands Under One Roof - The Company operates four brands online Sacred Grounds, Miss Ellie's Coffee, All Day Gourmet and Coffee.Club.

Carving the Concept - Management has spent thousands of hours and several years honing the launch of Sacred Grounds Coffee with the concept to share the profits with a needy cause with in Indian Country.

We first began serving the Artesian Hotel in The Great Chickasaw Nation followed in 2015, followed by The Creek Nation's new Riverspirit Margaritaville Hotel and Casino in Tulsa along with 10 other Casinos in The Creek Nation.

In addition to the Native American Business, Coffee.org and Wholesale Coffee USA serve millions of cups of coffee to over 200,000 customers located from Boston to San Diego. Sales have grown to over $5 Million annually supplying one customer at a time. We supply offices, convenience stores, hospitals, hotels, the food service industry, and state, federal and local governments.

Get the word out Our efforts today is get the word out. We are finding the Native American Network is the best way to let everyone hear, taste and smell Sacred Grounds. We want you as customer, a partner of franchisee. MVTO. Bill Mac

For More Information Contact Bill McClure, CEO 800-344-2739 or Bill at Coffee.org

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