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Holiday Gift Baskets | Holiday Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Baskets for the Holidays Choosing the perfect gift for the holidays or a birthday is often difficult. Everyone wants to give a gift that shows thought was put into choosing it and yet if the intended receiver seems to have everything it can be a hard choice to make. Coffee gift baskets for the holidays and other gift giving occasions are a great choice for people who enjoy their coffee.

Emmie and Ellie have made it easy to choose from many holiday gifts. Coffee gift baskets are a great way to treat someone to a special coffee blend or flavor that they might not ordinarily purchase for themselves. These baskets can be purchased online at specialty coffee websites or put together at home with some easy to find supplies and a beautiful basket. Ordering the basket is often easier and more cost effective. Choosing a coffee basket takes a little time to look over the many options that are available and knowing what the receiver likes and doesn’t like. It would be useless to give someone a coffee gift basket with whole coffee beans if the person doesn’t have a grinder. However, this type of basket could be upgraded to include a home coffee grinder and make a gift that will be remembered for years. If the recipient likes flavored coffee or a particular roast, a coffee gift basket makes a great way to introduce them to new flavors and roasts or to surprise them with an exquisite roast like Kona that is typically more expensive than most people will pay for coffee. Other items can be included in a coffee basket make the gift extra special and add a surprise as well. A French press basket could include a nice French press along with a coffee bean that is ground specifically for the French press. The same concept can be used with the Turkish coffee pot and a Turkish grind of coffee. These items can be found on the Internet and in gourmet coffee shops. As an added treat some coffee gift baskets come with a sweet treat like coffee cake or Biscotti. Many people like to have something sweet when they enjoy their morning coffee. Companies and websites that offer coffee gift baskets often have an added option of including a bakery item that is designed just for the basket. Other options that make fillers for coffee gift baskets include coffee mugs and travel mugs picked out just for the recipient. Some coffee companies offer chocolate and other flavored stirrers or these can be made at home and added to the basket before delivery.

Coffee baskets that are being used as gifts for people who enjoy an after dinner cordial made with coffee can have a cordial or liquor added to the basket. Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Frangelica are all excellent choices that go well with coffee. Including a few recipe drink cards and a pretty footed crystal mug makes this an elegant gift basket for any occasion. Coffee gift baskets are thoughtful, appreciated gifts that can be used over and over again. Coffee lovers are especially appreciative of receiving a gift that they will use and enjoy using, unlike the knitted sweater that doesn’t fit and has to be tucked away in the closet. Celebrate with a gift of coffee and the invitation to stop by and share a cup is probably just around the corner. Let us help you with your holiday shopping this year.

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