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Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of the finest coffees in the world. It is noticably  rich and flavorful with a  deep, silky smoothness that is unmatched by most of the world's coffee.  If you wonder why the Blue Mountains of Jamaica produce one of the true wonders of the coffee world, you'll have to know some of the history of coffee in Jamaica. When you shop for Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, you'll see that it is an expensive coffee to purchase. Part of the reason for its price is that the Japanese discovered coffee on Jamaica long ago and now account for 80% of all the coffee grown in Jamaica. In comparison, the United States is the second largest importer of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at 8%. Surprisingly, only a few Jamaicans enjoy Jamaican coffee.  Jamaicans, as a nation, assimalated British customs and grew to love tea, when it was still a British colony, many years ago.


  • Marley Lively Up RealCups Marley Lively Up RealCups $16.95
  • Marley Coffee® Spiced Root Rum Marley Coffee® Spiced Root Rum | Realcups $16.95
  • Marley Coffee® Catch A Fire Marley Coffee® Catch A Fire | Realcups $16.95
  • Marley Coffee® Smile Jamaica Marley Coffee® Smile Jamaica | Realcups $20.16
  • Marley Coffee® Buffalo Soldier Marley Coffee® Buffalo Soldier | Realcup $16.95
  • Marley Coffee® Mystic Morning Marley Coffee® Mystic Morning | Realcups $16.95
  • Marley One Love RealCups Marley One Love RealCups $16.95
  • Marley Talkin' Blues Organic Coffee Marley Talkin' Blues Organic Coffee $42.80
  • Marley Get Up, Stand Up RealCups Marley Get Up, Stand Up RealCups $16.95
  • Marley Mixer Organic Variety | 36 RealCups Marley Mixer Organic Variety | 36 RealCups $30.60

---- Marley's Talkin' Blues RealCups is made from 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee which many connoisseurs consider to be the origin of the world’s finest coffee. Marley Talkin' Blues Coffee is a Medium Roast Coffee with a floral bouquet, balanced acidity, mellow taste, and a lingering finish on the palate. Single Origin of Coffee Beans: Jamaica Blue Mountain®, Sustainably Grown, Ethicaly Farmed and Harvested, and then Expertly Artisan Roasted. Marley RealCups are compatible for use with K-Cups Coffee Brewers (Excluding The Vue). Marley Coffee and RealCup™ have no affiliation with Keurig® Incorporated or K-Cup®.----


Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley the internationally reknowned singer, songwriter, speaker, and artist, founded Marley Coffee which is  a sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted gourmet coffee. When asked by Michael Wallace, host of New York's popular WCBS Morning Drive radio program, in an interview, "What would your father, Bob Marley, think now that his son is the chairman of a publicly traded company?" Rohan Marley replied, "We created a vehicle where people can be a part of something that will last for generation upon generation," Marley replied. "He (Bob Marley) would be very proud that we're doing something that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and using organic methods." Marley RealCups currently offers just a few choices in the K-Cups -like containers. Talkin' Blues is the only 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee in the line. 


The Blue Mountain Coffee of Jamaica grows in the tall, cool, rainy Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The growing region itself is closely regulated by the Coffee Industry Regulation Act that restricts the Blue Mountain Coffee name from being put on any other coffees grown outside of the following three parishes of Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas, Portland and Saint Mary. The coffee grown here is known both as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and just Blue Mountain Coffee, the beans grown on the mountainsides of the tallest mountain ranges in the Caribbean are also used as a flavor base for Tia Maria coffee liqueur.

Jamaica Blue Mountain


The Jamaican soil here is extremely fertile with adequate drainage. Even when it's not raining on other places on the island, the rain often continues to fall in the Blue Mountains, sometimes for days or weeks at a time. The resulting Arabica beans produce a rich, smooth flavor like no other coffee beans in the world. To appreciate it fully, you have to enjoy a cup first hand because it's difficult to understand why Blue Mountain coffee products are so costly otherwise. It's really easy to see why Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is so popular if you've ever vistited Jamaica. If you're fortunate enough to take a tour of the Blue Mountain Coffee region, you will certainly be impressed with the diligent care and protective processes that the beans receive. After harvesting, the beans are shelled out and air dried in the dry heat of the Jamaican sun. after drying, the coffee beans are all hand sorted by local resident Jamaican ladies who work out in the open-air shelters. These "experienced experts" quickly grade the beans as they pass the time singing traditional songs and talk to each other in the singsong style of the Jamaican dialect.


Bob Marley Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is divided up into three grades or classifications. Blue Mountain Coffee Number 1: is the very best coffee beans, with the maximum defect rate of just 2%. They are the largest beans, blue-green in hue and have an intensly fragrant aroma. Blue Mountain Coffee Number 2: are just a little smaller, but no less flavorful, fragrant, or full bodied. Size of the bean alone usually discerns between a number 1 and a number 2.  Blue Mountain Peaberry: These beans are single-seeded berries and are the smallest of the three grades. If you ever get to visit Jamaica, arrange a trip to a local supermarket and you may find Blue Mountain Coffee No. 1 and No. 2 at really low prices, far less than you would find them in the United States or at the mainstream tourist shops around Jamaica (or at the airports).

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