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Martinson Coffee Now Available In A Single Serve RealCup™

  • Martinson Breakfast Blend lCups Martinson Breakfast Blend Cups $14.95
  • Martinson Dark Roast RealCup™ Martinson Dark Roast Cups $14.95
  • Martinson Donut Shop Martinson Donut Shop Cups $14.95
  • Martinson French Roast RealCup™ Martinson French Roast RealCup™ $14.95
  • Martinson House Blend Cups Martinson House Blend Cups $14.95
  • Martinson Colombian Decaf RealCup™ Martinson Colombian Decaf RealCup™ $14.95
  • Martinson Variety Pack 36 RealCup™ Martinson Variety Pack RealCup™ | 36 Cups $23.95
  • Joe's Cayman Coconut RealCup Joe's Cayman Coconut RealCup $14.95
  • Joe's Winterfest Single Serve Cups Joe's Winterfest RealCup $14.95
  • Joe's Pumpkin Pie Realcup Coffee Joe's Pumpkin Pie RealCup Coffee $11.95
  • Joe's Caramel Creme Joe's Caramel Crème RealCups $14.95
  • Joe's Vanilla Velvet RealCup™ Joe's Vanilla Velvet RealCup™ $14.95
  • Joe's Tiramisu Twist Joe's Tiramisu Twist RealCup™ $14.95
  • Joe's Mint 'N' Mocha Real Cups Joe's Mint 'n' Mocha RealCups $14.95
  • Joe's Irish Crème RealCups Joe's Irish Crème RealCups $14.95
  • Joe's Hazelnut RealCups Joe's Hazelnut RealCups $14.95

What is a RealCup? Martinson Variety Pack Martinson Coffee     

 Martinson Premium Coffee - "It's the real Joe!"

As far as coffee legends go, it's hard to beat the guy whose name inspired the term "cup of Joe."

One version of the story credits New Yorker Joe Martinson. Martinson came to New York City in the late 1800s, would pick his coffee beans right as they came off the docks, roasting them in his mother's kitchen, and selling the fresh beans from a pushcart. As his business grew more successful, and as he opened a small factory to sell his specialty to hotels and restaurants, locals reportedly decided to call his product "a cup of Joe." That's partially because of Martinson's legendary personality, but people don't name a drink if they don't eagerly want to consume it. Martinson coffee has always been one that its fans swear by. 

Times have changed in the intervening decades. Now, many of us make our own coffee in the morning, and Martinson's Breakfast Blend is a nice, easy start to the day. It's got a mild, sweet flavor, with a nutty sensation. The light-medium roast will please almost every palate, and the aroma definitely hearkens back to the days when just days elapsed from the beans being unloaded to when they were consumed.

Martinson Breakfast Blend comes in RealCup coffee pods that are compatible with the Keurig K-Cup system. The RealCup filter ensures a perfect cup of coffee every time, so you can enjoy this at a moment's notice. Even the man who made his own roast in that New York City kitchen would approve.

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