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About Gourmet Coffee

Coffee Wholesale USA sells the best brands in coffee including All Day Gourmet, Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Java One, Folgers, Reunion Island Coffee Pods, Yuban, Lavazza and more! We are now carrying coffee by Guy Fieri and Emeril Lagasse, and Wolfgang Puck. Drink the same coffee as chefs in your own home. Choose from whole bean, ground, pillow pack and filter pack coffees, and everything from single-origin, varietal, specialty coffees to great-tasting blends and flavored coffees.  What are these packaging options you ask? Read on below to learn a little more about each one.

Single Serve Alternatives to K-Cup® Packs and Coffee Pods: These gourmet coffee products for sale are designed to make a single perfect cup of coffee – quick, easy, and just-right every time. Perfect for the busy office or on the go individual who doesn't have time to make a full pot of coffee.

There are a wide variety of K-Cup ® Packs and alternative flavors, from single orgin coffees to flavors like Caramel Apple Bread Pudding. These little plastic containers are individually sealed for long lasting power when kept out of the sun or warm areas. Pods do not come in plastic containers – they are simply ground coffee contained in a sealed filter paper pod (think miniature filter packs). As such, some consider pods less wasteful and more "green" than K-Cup ® packs. Recently, brands such as San Francisco Bay OneCup coffees have come out offering a Keurig ® compatible alternative to more-wasteful official K-Cup® packs from Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Pillow Pack Coffee and Filter Pack Coffee:  As the name suggests, a Pillow Pack is a packet – shaped like a pillow – and filled with fresh ground coffee.  A great example are the Starbucks Coffee Pillow Pack.  Pillow packs offer several advantages over traditional canned or bulk coffee.  First, pillow packs are pre-measured so every pot is tastes the same. This is a real benefit for use in an office, church, convenience store, or anywhere you have different people making coffee.  Second, when packaged in a pillow pack, your coffee stays fresher longer since each pack is individually sealed and nitrogen flushed.

For the ultimate in convenience, try Filter Packs. Filter packs provide one additional advantage over the pillow pack, in that the coffee is actually self-contained inside filter...so all you have to do is open the outer package, and put the entire filter pack in the brew basket – no additional paper filters are required with filter pack coffee.  When the brew is done, simply dump the brew basket, and cleanup is done!  Check out one of our Starbucks Filter packs for an example.

Whole Bean Coffee and Bulk Ground Coffee: Whole bean and ground coffees come in varietal, blend or flavored options. All of our flavored coffees are 100% Arabica beans for a taste you can count on. Fresh Roast options are never allowed to sit in a warehouse to wait for your order. These coffees are roasted to order and shipped directly to you. In doing so, you will always have the freshest, tastiest coffee for your home or office. That is part of our guarantee.

There are a couple of important notes here...  First, while it is a good idea to freeze ground coffee after opening the bag, to keep it fresher longer, you should never freeze whole bean gourmet coffee, as that will actually freeze the oils in the bean and break them down, making your brew taste flat or bitter.  Instead, store your beans at room temperature in an air-tight container in a dark, dry place (a pantry or cabinet should do nicely for your gourmet beans!).  Second, whole bean coffee (especially our roasted-fresh All Day Gourmet specialty coffees) is a great choice for coffee lovers who really appreciate that fresh-ground taste. If stored properly, you can buy month's supply of beans at a time – and still get the benefit of drinking the freshest-tasting coffee around. For home use, simply use your coffee grinder (Example: Krups coffee grinders) right before you brew each pot.  For higher volume needs or a commercial environment, buying in bulk and using a commercial portion control grinder is a very effective, popular way of brewing and serving the freshest java around.

Liquid Coffee and Instant Coffee:  Both liquid concentrates and freeze-dried coffees have been around a long time, but only recently have modern processes been around to make them actually taste good. Both of these coffee formats serve a different purpose.  Liquid coffee is ideal for serving a whole lot of coffee to the masses in a quick, efficient, waste-free manner. Typically, liquid coffee is used in a special liquid coffee dispenser which mixes hot water with the precise amount of concentrate to yield a very consistent, cost effective, great tasting coffee. If you've had coffee at a convention hall, hospital, or hotel in the last 3 years, chances are you've enjoyed a cup of liquid coffee without even realizing it.  Instant coffee, of course, is even more low-tech. Simply dissolve instant coffee in near-boiling water and you've got coffee...instantly. Instant coffee couldn't be easier, and it's great for making a cup when all you have is hot water. Camping, backpacking, traveling... the sky is the limit. Whether you want 1 cup or 15 gallons, instant coffee could be your solution. Instant coffee is also great for cooking and baking. Use it in marinades or cakes!