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Coffee & Tea Filters

    How to Choose the Best Coffee Filters

    Choosing the best paper coffee filters for your coffee brewer may not seem like an important decision, but it's more important than you think if you are brewing coffee in a drip machine. NOT ALL COFFEE FILTERS ARE CREATED EQUAL! You will find selections of cone shaped coffee filters, Bunn commercial coffee and tea filters, Bunn 10 cup coffee filters, home coffee filters, small coffee filters, large coffee filters, disposable coffee filters, bulk coffee filters, paper filters of all sizes, gold coffee filters, Cuisinart coffee filters, Mr. Coffee filters, Braun coffee filters, Melita coffee filters, Brew Rite by Rockline coffee filters, or equivalent coffee filters, and the list goes on and on. At, we know you have many choices when it comes to buying for your coffee needs, that's why we strive to make it simple, convenient, fast and friendly, and EASY! If your using one of the new single-serve type coffee brewers, then you don't have to worry about filters! That's just one less thing you have to worry about, so just enjoy your coffee. But coffee made in a traditional drip coffee machine will need a filter.

    So how do you choose the right commercial coffee filter? Most machines are designed to take either a flat-bottomed coffee filter basket, or a cone-shaped filter basket. The specific shape may vary by machine. Either way, the most common coffee filter is one made out of paper. Paper filters are extremely cheap, and they can be tossed out with the coffee grounds to save on clean-up time, that is why they are often referred to as disposable coffee filters. Fun fact: Disposable coffee filters, with the coffee grinds still in them, can actually be composted, but that's another story. Disposable filters are great, but they're not perfect!