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    Maxwell House

    Maxwell House coffee has been providing Americans with a rich and delicious start to the morning since 1892, when Joel Cheek donated twenty pounds of his special coffee to the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee in an effort to drum up business. He and Roger Nolley Smith, a British coffee broker and connoisseur, had spent years developing the perfect blend. When the supply ran out a few days later, the hotel guests clamored for more, which resulted in the new coffee becoming the hotel's brew of choice. The rest is history.

    Roasted to gourmet perfection and available in a wide variety of strengths and blends, Maxwell House coffees ensure that you wake up to a morning treat that is, as the legendary jingle goes, good to the last drop.

    Filter Packs:  Maxwell House' Special Delivery and Decaf blends come in convenient filter packs that allow you to brew a perfect pot with no pre-measuring and no clean-up. Just insert the specially prepared disc into the brew basket and moments later you’ll be enjoying a cup of your favorite blend. Filter packs come in standard 10-12 cup servings for regular coffee makers and 2-4 cup sizes for hotel-sized machines.

    K-Cups:  Designed for use in Keurig Brewers, Maxwell House' popular House Blend and Breakfast Blend are packed into single-serve K-cups. These medium and light-bodied blends wake you up  every morning to the delectable aroma of freshly brewed Arabica beans. No preparation or messy clean-up to worry about: just brew and enjoy.

    4-Cup Coffee Filters: Available in House Blend and decaf, Maxwell House 4-Cup coffee filters deliver four superb cups with every pack. These custom-measured filters take the guesswork out of your morning coffee preparation: just insert, activate the brew cycle, and conveniently dispose of the filter afterward. Indulge in a cup of your favorite blend without clutter or compromise.

    Portion Packs: Maxwell House Master Blend coffee is measured into perfectly sized portion packs to guarantee a great taste experience every time. Making your morning pot of coffee has never been easier: just open the pack, empty the contents into a filter, and enjoy minutes later. It' that simple.

    Whatever roast strength, caffeine level, and portion packaging you prefer, Maxwell House' famous coffees consist of the finest 100% Arabica beans. The result is always the same: a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee of a quality that upscale cafes would envy.