Seattles Best


Seattles Best Coffee trivia - Many Starbucks coffee lovers would be surprised to find out that Seattles Best coffee is a subsidiary of the company that is based in Seattle Washington, hence the name Seattles Best coffee. Originally the coffee shop began as an ice cream shop that carried coffee as well. It was known as the Wet Whisker and it roasted its own coffee beans in the shop. This coffee would become known as Seattles Best coffee in later years. The Wet Whisker was sold and a second one opened along Seattles waterfront. The Stewart brothers, Jim and Dave installed an espresso machine and started serving espresso along with their roasted coffee which had already become famous. The name Seattle's Best came in 1991 after the brothers won a local coffee competition. It was not long after that the company was purchased by a group of investors who already had other coffee holdings. Seattles Best coffee is sold in supermarkets and retail chains as well as in Seattles Best Cafes which went under contract with the Borders bookstore in 2004.
\n\nSeattles Best coffee is also part of the Royal Caribbean International cruise fleet using the name Latte-Tudes or Cafe Promenade. Seattles Best coffee is showing up online at and in other retail operations around the world. Burger King added the coffee to their lineup in 2010 offering it in over 7,000 restaurants. Parent company Starbucks announced it would rebrand the Seattle's Best logo and its distribution would be increased from 3,000 locations to over 30,000 locations by the end of 2010. This effort brings Seattles Best coffee to more people than ever before and gives Starbucks two coffee venues to add to their profitability. The design intent is to make top quality coffee available to more people, which include the new relationships with retail businesses described earlier. This new move allows more people to enjoy a high end coffee without the high end pricing of other gourmet coffees. This coffee has made its way from the waterfront streets of Seattle to mainstream America and shows no signs of slowing down. The Stewart brothers who started roasting their own coffee over 40 years ago probably had no idea they were creating a premium coffee blend that would stand the test of time. It stood that test and is poised to stand many more years of coffee tests.
\n\ carries several varieties of Seattle's Best coffees. Seattles Best Blend (Level 3) is an award-winning sweet medium roast created from a signature combination of Indonesian, Central, and South American coffees. Packs of 42, Coffee packs of 72 in both regular and decaf Seattle's Best coffee.