Our popular selection of hot teas and iced teas are always welcome at home or at the office. Choose from a wide selection of single serve K-Cup® packs and soft pods, instant-powdered tea mixes, and of course original gourmet tea bags. We have over 40+ teas to choose from including regular and flavored, green teas, black teas, herbal teas, and more!

Treat yourself to fine premium quality gourmet teas from around the world.

Helpful Tea Notes

Coffee Wholesale USA sells many brands of the finest wholesale teas, including Pickwick, Paradise, Arizona, Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Mighty Leaf, Tazo, and more. In addition to these world-renowned teas, there's our excellent All Day Gourmet brand – an amazing value gourmet brand that's available nowhere else. Choose from our selection of gourmet tea bags, instant and powdered teas, filter pack, loose leaf teas, or K-Cup® pack and pod teas. What are these packaging options you ask? Read on below to learn a little more about each one.

K-Cup tea and Tea Pods:  These products are designed to make a single perfect cup of your favorite tea – quick, easy, and just-right every time. Perfect for the busy office or on-the-go individual who doesn't have time to wait for the kettle to heat up.  Pods do not come in plastic containers – they are simply ground tea leaves contained in a sealed filter paper pod (think miniature filter packs). As such, some consider pods less wasteful and more "green" than K-Cup® packs.

Filter Pack Tea: Filter pack teas are self-contained inside the filter so all you have to do is open the outer package, and put the entire filter pack in the brew basket – no additional paper filters are required with filter pack tea.  When the brew is done, simply dump the brew basket, and cleanup is done!  Check out one of our Paradise Iced Tea Filter packs for an example.

Tea Bags:  Tea bags are individually wrapped and sealed for freshness – so every cup of tea is just as refreshing as the last. Simply "dunk" one or more tea bags in hot water to brew – the temperature at which you brew depends on the tea you're making. Generally, black and herbal teas should be brewed hotter than white or green teas. After brewing, all teas can be enjoyed hot or chilled for a delicious iced tea. For the best iced tea, however, we recommend brewing a tea blend that's specially formulated for great iced tea – try our All Day Gourmet Iced Tea.

Instant and Powdered Tea:  Wherever you go, you can enjoy the taste of tea with instant and powdered teas. The ultimate in refreshment and convenience... simply add one stick or pack of mix to a hot or cold glass of water and enjoy, it's really that simple!

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