All Day Gourmet Tropical Breeze DECAF Iced Tea - 1.00oz Filter Packs - 50ct Box

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Each filter pack brews 1 to 2 gallons of delicious flavored tea
Filter Packs make brewing simple & easy - clean-up is a snap
Packaged 50 filter packs per case
All Day Gourmet has created a refreshing tea that combines a delicious blend of peach, papaya, apricot and mango

Bulk packaged in plastic liner - not individually wrapped

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Product Name: All Day Gourmet Tropical Breeze DECAF Iced Tea - 1.00oz Filter Packs - 50ct Box

Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet

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Anonymous (Northern, New Jersey)
2011-07-04 23:00:00
Same tea as served at Cheesecake Factory
Fell in love with this tea at the Cheesecake Factory and when I found out they sell it at the restaurant (for alot more than here) I bought a box. Have been hooked ever since. But buying it at the restaurant is twice as expensive as buying it from Coffee Wholesale and I love the big tea bag for 1 gallon. Have been buying the regular one and am now buying the decaf. Both are excellent and addicting if you love a clean, fruity taste! I've stopped drinking soda and drink only this ice tea!
Verified Reviewer (Medford, OR)
2012-02-01 23:00:00
Jury still out
Purchased because it's significantly cheaper than Paradise Decaf Iced Tea. It's a much stronger, fruitier, floral taste than Paradise (I could be jaded as I've been drinking it for 20 years). I'm going to give it the old 50-pack try, so we'll see if I order it again. We usually use one bag and 4 regular tea bags to make a strong concentrate. Doesn't come individually wrapped, so you can smell it (even in zip lock bags) when you walk by our pantry.
Verified Reviewer (Maryland)
2012-04-20 23:00:00
Very similar to Paradise Tropical Decaf
Paradise Tea blend has become hard to find so I went looking online, it was even hard to find online. However I found it here last summer but ended up ordering the All Day Gourmet brand instead (much cheaper) to try. I got the Tropical Decaf filter packs and I make a strong concentrate with it and dilute to 1-2 gallons. I love this iced tea, I can drink it without worrying about the caffeine later in the day. It has a very smooth finish, not harsh or too much tannin. Nice tropical fruit flavor that I was looking for in the Paradise brand. I put the bags in large ziplocs to keep fresh. I am now ordering more for this summer!
Verified Reviewer (Ventura, CA)
2013-06-01 23:00:00
Not A Good Substitute For Paradise Tea
I bought this as a substitute for the Original Paradise Ice Tea primarily because the price has almost doubled for the Paradise tea since I purchased it last. The reviews by others stated that it was good tasting but much fruitier than the Paradise tea. Do not buy this tea if you are expecting the same fresh tropical flavor of the original! This tea is almost artificial tasting as if you are drinking tea that has been "perfumed" with flavors. I would not recommend this tea if you are wanting the true fresh taste of a tropical tea.
Verified Reviewer (Las Vegas, NV)
2013-07-03 23:00:00
"Favorite tea ~ speedy delivery"
I love the Tropical Breeze's as good as it gets! I drink it all year and when I serve it to guests, there are always compliments.