All Day Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Roasted - Cafe Bordeaux French Roast - Whole Bean 1lb Bag

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A superb specialty coffee you can't get anywhere else. Once you try it, you'll be hooked too. A luxurious and full aroma, a rich taste, with exceptional body. You'll love the smooth & pleasant after-taste. Truly an awesome coffee you'll enjoy to the fullest.

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Product Name: All Day Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Roasted - Cafe Bordeaux French Roast - Whole Bean 1lb Bag

Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet

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Verified Reviewer (SWPA)
2013-09-10 23:00:00
Strong Flavor/No bitterness
I prefer dark roasted, whole beans for that fresh, full coffee flavor. Commercially available brands either don't provide a strong flavor, or do so with a significant bitterness. This bean and roast combination provided the flavor without the bitterness. Very pleased.
2017-11-16 08:17:52
This French Roast is the BOMB!
This is the best French Roast ever! The bean color is perfect, and the taste is second to none! The best day of the month is when this coffee comes.
2017-12-01 09:08:48
Taste of fresh roasted.
The blend of the fresh roasted french roast that you all roast. Is one of the best blends that I have tasted yet so far.
Big Nick
2017-12-01 09:26:48
Product is a great coffee!
I find this coffee a great dark roasted blend.The look taste and smell is very good for a dark roast! Taste smooth looks great and smells good!
2017-12-02 07:02:34
This coffee has the best flavor and taste. It is the smoothest dark roast I have ever tried! Customer for life. Not to mention the wonderful customer service at CW.