All Day Gourmet Coffee - Classic American Roast DECAF - 1.75oz Pillow Packs

Item Code: 140849 | CARPP175-DECAF

Price: $38.95

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Roasted medium for a silky smooth taste
Brews a full strength cup of coffee
Each pillow pack brews a full 10 to 12 cup pot of coffee
Each Box contains 40 pots of coffee

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Product Name: All Day Gourmet Coffee - Classic American Roast DECAF - 1.75oz Pillow Packs

Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet

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Verified Reviewer (Lancaster, NH)
2010-10-01 23:00:00
A Fine Standard Brew at the Best Price
I tried several different decafs at higher prices and I keep coming back to All Day Gourmet. Be sure to buy the 1.75 ounce packets unless you have a coffee maker that makes less than 10 cups or you like weak coffee. The 1.75 makes a good rich brew that tastes just as good as caffeinated coffee. Highly recommended.
Verified Reviewer (San Francisco)
2012-06-10 23:00:00
Cool Beans
My residents really love the decaf coffee. They only drink decaf and for the longest time were served Sanka instant Coffee drink. YUCK!!!! When I switched, the only negative thing was that the coffee is clear and not cloudy. As is sanka, and it threw them off for a while. Even tho the coffee is plenty strong, they perceived it as being weak. Now that they are over that, they love it. and I love that I can order a master case and still have it shipped in 5 40ct boxes instead of one huge case. Thanks for being so accomidating. Arden Wood Chef
Verified Reviewer (Ocala, Florida)
2014-09-29 23:00:00
Recommend this product
This coffee is used for the office staff, as well as myself. We buy the same coffee every time we order because it is the preferred taste for the office staff.
Verified Reviewer (Ocala, Florida)
2014-06-18 23:00:00
Repeat Business
We use this coffee for all of our Customers, as well as ourselves. Very good coffee.
Anonymous (Lodi, CA)
2015-01-05 23:00:00
Great taste early in the morning!
The packets are 1.75 oz, a little larger than my previous orders. Makes a stronger cup of coffee for the early mornings.