Colombian DECAF Liquid Coffee Concentrate by All Day Gourmet - 64oz - Bag In Box (69:1)

Item Code: 812535-023450

Price: $67.20

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Colombian Decaf liquid coffee - easier cleanup, less waste
Revolutionary process provides consistent flavor and aroma
Higher quality, more cost effective, and easier to use
69:1 Mix Ratio - each box makes 35 gallons of hot coffee
Shelf Stable, DOES NOT require refrigeration.
Shelf Life = 1 year unopened. 9 weeks opened

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Product Name: Colombian DECAF Liquid Coffee Concentrate by All Day Gourmet - 64oz - Bag In Box (69:1)

Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet

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2018-01-06 11:07:07
Finally found another liquid coffee concentrate that's great tasting, full bodied without bitterness, reasonably priced, with a long flavor shelf life. My first experience with liquid coffee concentrate was Douwe Egberts' but that is no longer available in the states. All Day Gourmet's coffee concentrate is just as flavorful. Because I have to limit caffeine, I mix a tablespoon of decaf and a tablespoon of regular in my carafe coffeemaker for 6 cups, about a third of the Douwe Egberts' ratio, therefore, this concentrate will last three times longer, another plus. I often wrote Douwe Egberts that they needed to make a reasonably priced home model for liquid coffee concentrate, but a home coffeemaker works just fine; just stir about halfway through the brewing process and again before pouring. My glass line carafe will keep the coffee the right temp all day and without making the coffee bitter if I warm it first with hot water.