All Day Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Roasted - Colombian Supremo (Organic) - Whole Bean 5lb Bag

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The Supremo bean is Colombia's finest grade of coffee. Truly gourmet. You'll savor a rich, superbly balanced flavor from this "famous for coffee" South American country. Our medium-dark roast is especially chosen to fully compliment the Supremo bean. Just a spackling of oils glisten on the bean's surface enhancing the rich, silky smooth flavor. Certified Organic.

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Product Name: All Day Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Roasted - Colombian Supremo (Organic) - Whole Bean 5lb Bag

Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet

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Verified Reviewer (Phoenix, AZ)
2013-12-24 23:00:00
Best Tasting Coffee
I have bought many different coffees looking for THE ONE we could drink every morning and never tire of the flavor. This is it. The flavor is outstanding, with just enough bite to keep it from being cloying. This is our taste of paradise
Verified Reviewer (Winnsboro, TX)
2015-02-06 23:00:00
Best French Press Coffee
I love this organic coffee and continue ordering it time after time. I find that the robust flavor is suited for French press coffee and even my wife a former non-coffee drinker has been converted.
Sooner fan
2018-07-01 06:24:21
Great coffee
One of my wife and I favorite coffee. Truely a great tasting coffee.
Verified Reviewer (West Virginia)
2012-11-13 23:00:00
Very Good!
To say I am a coffee snob is an understatement. Being Colombian and having cousins who own coffee plantations in Armenia, Colombia I have a particular passion for coffees from Colombia. I can say without hesitation this is one of the best coffees I have ever had and probably the best Colombian coffee I have had in the US! It is a very well-balanced tasty cup of coffee. Pertaining to the previous review I have purchased this coffee (whole bean 5 lb. bags) at least 15 - 20 times. Of the 15 - 20 times I have purchased this coffee there were two times (back to back) where the coffee I received was over roasted and there were burnt pieces of bean in the coffee. This occurred approximately a year ago.
Verified Reviewer (Haleiwa, Hawaii)
2012-06-23 23:00:00
Great Coffee bad Roast
This otherwise superior coffee bean is ruined by the dark roast process which essentially burns the coffee bean, produces an oily sludge, burnt taste, and the fact is that dark roast/french/ coffee has actually LESS caffeine than light roast ... What a shame to take a great bean and burn it!