Folgers Coffee Singles - Single Cup Coffee Bags - DECAF - 19ct Box

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Price: $9.99

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Real mountain grown coffee brewed a single cup at a time
Individually wrapped coffee bags for a fuller, more robust flavor
Specially designed to brew perfect coffee, right in your cup
Each box = 19 single serving decaf coffee bags

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Product Name: Folgers Coffee Singles - Single Cup Coffee Bags - DECAF - 19ct Box

Manufacturer: J. M. Smucker

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Verified Reviewer (Norristown, PA)
2015-07-19 23:00:00
Way better than instant!
I first tried these at my niece's home, and was pleasantly surprised at how good the coffee tasted, since it was not traditionally brewed, and it was decaf, to boot. I have it after dinner as a treat, and I look forward to it every evening!
2018-03-26 15:17:17
Good coffee in 2 minutes
I discovered these decaf bags last year but can't find them local anymore but this website has great price. A lot cheaper than Keurig Pods or making too much when I just want one cup. Great for travel too.
High Desert Diva
2018-04-15 09:35:40
Best coffee, best price
The foil packets keep the ground coffee fresh much longer than instant and tastes much better. The price is the best. Can you believe Wal Mart charges $26.00 for the same box? Thank you Coffee Wholesalers!
2018-05-07 12:04:44
Very convenient
This product is hard to find and if you find it some place else, the pricing is unbelievable. It has always been available from here and is priced at a normal rate. Ships fast and I love the convenience of being able to log in, the product comes up as a re order item, click it and on to something else.
2018-06-04 17:58:42
Great coffee
I love coffee, so my introduction to this coffee was so pleasant. I did not expect it to be this good. We travel a good deal and always have it with me, in the camp kitchen, in the motel room and just on the road. I love it and to find the decaf is great when you want the taste of coffee and not the caffeine. Great service, great follow up, I will be ordering more coffee.