Wolfgang Puck Coffee - Pods - Extra Bold Espresso Forzuto 96 Pods

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Price: $47.99

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Extra Bold pods from Wolfgang Puck contain over 25% more coffee
For use in single cup pod brewers (use double pod holder if applicable)
Makes a fuller-bodied, more flavorful, stronger cup of coffee
Dark roasted espresso-style coffee for making lattes and more

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Product Name: Wolfgang Puck Coffee - Pods - Extra Bold Espresso Forzuto 96 Pods

Manufacturer: Wolfgang Puck

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Verified Reviewer (Okmulgee, OK)
2012-01-10 23:00:00
Great tasting coffee
Love the flavor of this coffee and the pods are so easy to use and dispose of. Love, love this coffee~!~
Verified Reviewer (Blaine, WA)
2013-10-17 23:00:00
Extra bold is the truth
I thought I would try a couple of the extra bold varieties with my last order since they contain 12gr vs 9gr of the flavored varieties. Well, they are bold alright. I use a single pod but do a double pod pass AND then a single pod pass in my Senseo machine and it's still nice and strong to my taste. In fact I've had to back off from the extra bold varieties because I developed caffeine twitches in my face after I started drinking them (3 cups/day). I never had this problem with the 9gr varieties. But if you like your caffeine, then these are good.