BW Cooper


B.W. Cooper grew up in the tea-growing country highlands of Kenya. Over the years, he became an expert on tea and the blending of the tea bush ingredients to make different tea blends. You see, all teas have the same origin. They may have different geographic growing locations but black, white, green and oolong (all tea) are derived from two leaves and a special bud of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is not the variety of tea bush but the oxidation process that makes different types of teas. B.W. Cooper's tea career evolved into traveling all over the world sourcing and taste testing teas. After his extensive 40-year apprenticeship in the field, B.W. Cooper is known as a "Tea Master" in most circles which describes this modern-day master of his craft. B.W. Cooper realizes that it is the blending process that makes or breaks high-quality teas. Creating a fine tea blend is an art form all its own. It all hinges on one's sensory perception - taste, smell, feel, touch. When tasting a tea, you savor the smell, see how it feels in your mouth, discern how the tea touches you. You are able to sense its character and its natural lineage. When you taste Cooper's quality black and green teas, you'll appreciate the differences and know that Cooper's is head and shoulders above the rest. Cooper's Tea is devoted to creating an extraordinary iced tea beverage for restaurants, shops, and all tea lovers across the globe. B.W. Cooper's concentrated tea is like no other. Quality in a glass. Just fill your glass with our concentrated sweet or unsweetened iced tea (mixed with pure water) and you will quickly experience a burst of tea deliciousness! Keurig K-Cups are for use in Keurig and Keurig 2.0 Brewers..