Wilbur Curtis ALP3GT12A000 (Alpha 3GT) Automatic Coffee Brewer - Inline

Item Code: ALP3GT12A000

Price: $712.50

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Wilbur Curtis Alpha 3GT Automatic Coffee Brewer - Inline
All digital design for simple, easy, worry-free coffee brewing
Automatic warmer shut-off, ready-to-brew lockout, and more
Space-saving narrow design saves valuable counter space
Front-mounted hot water faucet for tea, soup, hot cocoa, etc.

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Product Name: Wilbur Curtis ALP3GT12A000 (Alpha 3GT) Automatic Coffee Brewer - Inline

Manufacturer: Wilbur Curtis

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Verified Reviewer (Denver, CO)
2011-10-09 23:00:00
Loaded with features and Great price
I spent a lot of time researching this purchase for obvious reasons. Such a financial commitment at hand I called the service department and tech support of multiple companies and read all the forums I could find. I'm glad I did, because I learned a lot and decided to go with the Curtis despite the lack of on line reviews. This brewer is awesome, brews a great, consistent cup of coffee and looks great too. As a side benefit the hot water tap in front comes in real handy for making: tea, hot coco and endless cooking needs.
Anonymous (Commack, NY)
2012-03-16 23:00:00
Great Machine
This machine keeps producing a high quality product that my customer's enjoy.