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A recognized consumer name in the beverage industry, Bunn offers a wide selection of home and commercial beverage equipment available in over 40 countries worldwide.

From home coffee brewers and coffee grinders to commercial cappuccino machines and water filtration products - Bunn makes top-quality only beverage equipment, parts, and accessories.


    Helpful Bunn Coffee Equipment Notes

    Bunn Coffee Brewing Systems - Bunn is the leading manufacturer of commercial coffee brewers (Click here for Bunn Home Coffee Makers). Bunn coffee and tea brewers, beverage servers, and prep equipment help you to serve the very best brewed coffee and tea. Whether you needs to serve one person or hundreds of thirsty coffee and tea lovers, Bunn-o-matic has a specially designed, time-tested system for you.

    Bunn develops specialized products to meet your specific needs, employing a variety of efficient, cost effective, and easy-to-use brewing and serving methods. For example, coffee for a high volume convenience store requires a different style brewer than, say, a lawyers office that needs to serve coffee in a conference room. Below is a summary of the most popular brewing and serving systems / methods Bunn has to offer.

    • Bunn Coffee pot brewers -- traditional coffeemakers that typically brew into glass coffee pots
    • Bunn Thermal coffee brewing system -- brews into Thermal Servers, which usually dispense coffee via a valve or faucet
    • Bunn Satellite coffee brewing system -- brews into insulated or heated containers, typically brews 1 to 1.5 gallons of coffee per batch (2 to 3 pots at once)
    • Bunn Airpot coffee brewing systems -- brews into Airpots, insulated vessels that hold .5 to 1 gallon of coffee and dispenses via a pump or bush button action
    • Bunn Urn Coffee Brewers -- very large, self contained brewing and serving devices. Select an urn brewer for your highest volume needs, typically brews 3, 6, or 10 gallons of coffee at a time.

    Bunn Single Serve Brewers let you to brew one perfect cup of coffee or tea at a time – quickly and easily. with their line of single serve brewers designed to work with earth friendly coffee pods. No plastic and tin foil needed here, just pure coffee or tea in simple round filter packs that you load into your brewer before making your delicious cup of coffee.

    Bunn Home Coffee Makers - Bunn produces a number of great 10 cup home coffee makers that work just like their commercial counterparts, brewing the perfect pot of coffee at home, anytime you like. Bunn is the only manufacturer of commercial-style coffeemakers that use an always-ready water reservoir system. Other brands of home coffee makers "superheat" the water and slowly drip the over-heated water onto your coffee grounds, which not only takes forever but can make bitter-tasting coffee. Bunn, by contrast, uses an internal reservoir to keep water at the ideal coffee-brewing temperature (190-200°F) -- simply pour 10 cups of fresh, cold water into the top. Gravity forces the cold water into the internal tank, displacing hot water to brew your coffee -- simple, but genius.

    Your Bunn will start brewing coffee immediately when you pour water into it and will brew a complete 10 cup pot of perfect coffee in just 3 minutes. Super-heated, drip, "Burp & Gurgle" coffee makers can take 10 minutes or more, and often the finished product is inferior in taste. To learn more about what makes a Bunn Home Coffee Maker so special, check out our Bunn Home Coffee Brewer FAQ page.

    Bunn Cappuccino Dispenser - Bunn's cappuccino dispensers are perfect for convenience stores, coffee shops, convention centers, or just about anywhere you want to give your patrons a variety of delicious frothy cappuccino drinks. Designed for use with instant, powdered mixes (cappuccino, hot cocoa, chai tea powder, and some instant soups). You can choose from efficient two flavor systems all the way up to a five flavor system, allowing you to gain more customers by providing the ultimate in product selection. The most popular models have 3 or more hoppers (which support 3 different flavors). Single and double-hopper Bunn cappuccino dispensers are available, as well as machines with four, five, even six flavor hoppers / selections. In general, the more flavors of cappuccino you offer to your customers or consumers, the more popular it will be. Our selection of cappuccino mixes and powdered hot cocoa mixes go perfect with these systems.

    Bunn Tea Brewers - Bunn is also committed to the tea drinkers as well, offering brewers that can make up to 5 gallons of iced tea at one time. These brewers are perfect for your church reception hall, convention center, or restaurant, giving your patrons a great alternative to fountain drinks or plain water. Our own All Day Gourmet Filter Pack Teas are a great choice for brewing the iced tea -- choose from our traditional unflavored southern style iced tea (specially blended for taste and clarity) or from our line of flavored iced teas.

    Bunn Grinders - one of the secrets to making great coffee is grinding your coffee beans freshly -- ideally, grind your beans right before you're ready to brew. However, not all grinders are created equally -- getting an even, consistent grind that's the right coarseness for your is brewing method is very important, and means an investment in a quality grinder is required. It's widely known that burr grinders are far superior to your typical home blade grinder because burrs actually crush -- not cut -- the beans, creating more surface area on each granule of coffee. More surface area on the coffee grounds means better extraction and, ultimately, better flavor.

    Bunn has been a trusted name for quality grinders for years -- they are all burr grinders. There are two main types of grinder to choose -- Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinders and Bunn Portion Control Coffee Grinders.

    Bulk (also known as "shop grinders") are typically used by roasters and specialty shops or grocery stores that sell bulk coffee. If you want to grind a full pound (or more) of coffee all at once, a Bulk Grinder is for you. Most bulk grinder are fitted with a "bag switch" that requires you to insert an empty tin tie coffee bag, or similar package, under the grinder before you activate the grinding cycle.

    Portion control grinders, on the other hand, are designed to grind a specific amount of coffee (usually 1 to 4 ounces) directly into a filter basket. The idea here is that you are grinding just enough coffee for one batch or pot of coffee... put an empty coffee filter in your filter basket, slide it under the portion control grinder, the grinder doses the proper amount of ground coffee into the basket, slide the filter basket back into your brewer and brew a pot of coffee. Some models even include an interface that lets the brewer know how much coffee you are brewing (for example, if you told your grinder to grind enough coffee for a double batch, the brewer would automatically know to brew double the volume of coffee) -- which can be very useful for larger brewers or if you don't always brew the same amount of coffee every time.

    Regardless of the grinder you choose, be sure to start with freshly roasted, high quality coffee like our All Day Gourmet Coffee Beans or Douwe Egberts Whole Bean Coffee to get the most out of your equipment investment.

    Bunn Water Filtration - Yes, you need one. Coffee is mostly water, and even the best coffee in the world can be ruined if you aren't using clean, pure water to brew. If you don't have access to spring water, you can get close using one of our inline water filtration systems, guaranteed to remove the impurities in water that can give coffee and tea "off" tastes. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a water filtration system, however, is that it protects your equipment. We generally regard water filters as "cheap insurance" in that they drastically reduce the amount of hard water and lime deposits that form inside all coffee makers. In addition, they help remove sediment that can literally turn your $500 plus coffeemaker into garbage by clogging up the valves that control the water flow inside your machine. If you live in an area with hard water, a water filter is an absolute necessity -- but it's a worthwhile investment even if you consider your water to be "soft".

    Bunn Water Heaters - use these systems when you want to provide instant hot water. Some models are adjustable (say, 190 to 210 degrees) others are set to always provide water just below boiling, or right at 212 degrees F. These hot water sources are used to steep tea, prepare foods, or sterilize dishes.

    Bunn Parts & Accessories - We carry the full line of Bunn parts, supplies, and accessories needed to keep your equipment in operation for years to come. We have been a full-scale authorized distributor for Bunn since 1997. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we'll help you find the answers to your questions.