Cafiza Espresso Machine Powdered Cleaner - 20oz Canister

Item Code: 12-ESP12-20

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Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaner - Powder - 20oz Canister
Eliminates residue in espresso group heads, valves, and lines
Removes stale, built-up coffee oils, colors, and odors
Use on commercial espresso machines (with a back flush feature)
Also great for cleaning the exterior of coffee brewers and roasters

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Product Name: Cafiza Espresso Machine Powdered Cleaner - 20oz Canister

Manufacturer: Urnex

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Anonymous (Seattle)
2012-09-24 23:00:00
Yep, Cafiza Works
Cafiza gets the old coffee oil out so the coffee tastes fresh and not bitter. If you have waited a long time to backwash your machine, as I did (several years) it takes a while to get the gunk rinsed out. I was losing pressure in the water flow. This fixed it. A very good idea for making your machine last a long time.