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  • K-Cup variety gift basket Miss Ellie's Variety Gift Basket $39.95
  • Tim Horton's Coffee Tim Horton's Single Serve Coffee Cups $15.95
  • Joe's Cup O' Cocoa RealCups Joe's Cup O' Cocoa | Hot Chocolate | RealCups $14.95
  • Miss Ellie's Real Cups | Breakfast Blend Miss Ellie's Breakfast Blend Cups $14.95
  • Miss Ellie's Donut Shop Miss Ellie's Donut Shop Cups $14.95
  • Miss Ellie's Dark Roast Miss Ellie's Dark Roast Cups $14.95
  • Miss Ellie's Real Cups | Breakfast Blend Miss Ellie's Breakfast Blend RealCups Sample $5.95
  • Martinson House Blend Cups Martinson House Blend Cups $14.95
  • Joe's Pumpkin Pie Realcup Coffee Joe's Pumpkin Pie RealCup Coffee $11.95
  • Brown Gold™ 100% Costa Rican RealCups Brown Gold™ 100% Costa Rican RealCups $14.95
  • Miss Ellie's Donut Shop Real Cups Miss Ellie's Donut Shop RealCups | Sample Size $5.95
  • Miss Ellie's Sample Size Dark Roast Miss Ellie's Dark Roast RealCups Sample $5.95
  • Martinson Breakfast Blend lCups Martinson Breakfast Blend Cups $14.95
  • Brown Gold™ 100% Ethiopian RealCups Brown Gold™ 100% Ethiopian RealCups $14.95
  • Brown Gold™ 100% Colombian RealCups Brown Gold™ 100% Colombian RealCups $14.95
  • Martinson Donut Shop Martinson Donut Shop Cups $14.95

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Miss Ellie's Coffee Gives You “A Smile with Every Sip!”

Recently, we at introduced our Miss Ellie's RealCups coffee. We would like to say "Thank You!" to our growing list of customers who have switched to Miss Ellie's coffee single serve cups. As most of you now know, RealCups are fully comparable with K-Cups and may be used in the Keurig single serve coffee brewersMiss Ellie's cups make a wonderfully delectable, aromatic cup of coffee, whether it is the Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop, or Dark Roast. 

Miss Ellie's coffee is a growing favorite among coffee drinkers. It is an excellent gourmet coffee at an affordable price. Miss Ellie's coffee is available in Coffee Pods, Portion Packs, Filter Packs, Ground Coffee and Whole Bean Coffee. A lot of time and effort went into finding just the right coffee to custom roast and call our own. Chosen personally by Miss Ellie, there are assorted coffee bean roast levels and favorite flavors to accommodate everyone! Is Dedicated To Serving Our Coffee Customers is committed to customer service and focused on taking care of you in the quickest and most efficient means available.  Order you coffee by 4:30 our time (CST) and it will be out the door and on tonight’s truck. If you are on hold more than a minute, your order is free. Miss Ellie's is a coffee you would serve to your friends.  Fast, Fresh and Delicious. 

Our values are simple. 1. Be Nice. 2. Go above and beyond the call of duty, 3. Be Efficient, 4. Please the extended family, 5. Be Courteous, 6. Provide Hassel Free Buying, 7. Use Good Judgment, 8. Learn more product knowledge, 9. Never criticize for doing too much, 10. Perform Outstanding Acts of Heroism. We're real people who love to help people. Our vision is to have a Real Cup™ in every customer’s home and office. We are passionate and determined to make our “Miss Ellie’s" brand synonymous with the best coffee and coffee cakes available.   

The office and warehouse is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in the middle of the United States so that we may reach most of the country in two or three days.  Our names are... Emmie, Ellie, Gabe, Sammie, Jammie, Scott, Lafonda, Mary, Katie, Matthew, Glenn, Drew, Brian, Eric, Steve, Daniel, Jim, Suraj, Terry and Bill, we are here to help you.

Emmie and Ellie

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