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Water Filters

Other than your choice of the actual coffee, water quality is probably the most important part of making good coffee. After all, brewed coffee is mostly water, right? In addition to improving the taste of your water by removing impurities like chlorine, filters also extend the life of your brewer. How? Because most water filters designed for beverage equipment contain a limescale inhibitor. This is just like it sounds - it helps prevent the buildup of calcium deposits that wreak havoc on your brewer over time.

These filters also safeguard against sediment in your water supply - a tiny grain of sand or a shred of PVC can get stuck in the solenoid valve of your brewer and cause it to free-flow or not work at all.

Here at Coffee Wholesale USA, we recommend Quick Connect systems (below). You pay a little more up-front for the system, but you'll be happier in the end. You plumb the housing in once, then replacing the cartridge is easy (just screws in/out). For the truly budget-conscious, you can get an inline filter. But, you'll find the replacement quick-connect filters are about the same price... and a lot easier to replace.